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Coach: Daria Belova,
agency "Business training".

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 "What do you like? - I love Belarus. - So borrowed"

Friends, we are glad to share great news with you, especially since good news is now a rarity.

The Belarusian community in Lithuania has got its own unique place for recreation and meetings - karchma "1863"! This is an old and cozy room in the historical center of Vilnius, where the rebels of 1863 once gathered, where, they say, Kastus Kalinovsky himself was!

"1863" is not just a karchma where you can taste delicious dishes and drinks of Belarusian cuisine in a modern interpretation. This is an opportunity for Belarusians abroad to meet outside the homeland and feel unity. The opportunity to connect with your country, directly touching its history and culture.

This is a place where the history of the national liberation uprising of the 19th century organically merges with the recent events of 2020, which left an unforgettable mark on the soul of Belarusians.

This is a place where you are welcome. A place where you are expected. A place that we will fill with the warmth of our hearts. A place where everyone will be among their own!

We invite you to get acquainted with the "1863" karchma, which will symbolically open on January 20, 2023, exactly 160 years after the beginning of the Kalinovsky uprising.

We swing at times, we adapt at times!




Wait for news!

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