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Yearning for freedom

Restaurant "Karchma 1863" is located in an old and cosy place in the historical centre of Vilnius, where the rebels of 1863 gathered and where the restaurant is now located. 

In the atmosphere of 19th century you can taste dishes of traditional Belarusian, Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian cuisine in modern interpretation, get acquainted with the history of the uprising of 1863 (aka Kastus Kalinowski's uprising, aka January Uprising) and learn about Belarusian modern and traditional culture.

"Karchma 1863" provides an opportunity for Belarusians, Lithuanians, Poles, and Ukrainians to meet, feel unity and find points of contact in time and space. 

For Belarusians, the karchma is a place to meet outside the homeland and maintain connections with their country through its history and culture. After all, it is also a place where the history of the 19th century national liberation uprising organically merges with the recent events of protests in Belarus in 2020, which left an indelible mark in the soul of every Belarusian.

Karchma 1863 is a place where you are welcome and being waited for. The place that we will fill with the warmth of our hearts. The place where everyone will feel among their own!

Battle together, relax together!

Food that unites

Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland were living in a one multicultural state for many centuries, exchanging words, traditions and, of course, recipes. Travelling from country to country, they changed and received their unique development. Zepelins and shakotis have been cooked for long in Belarusian homes as well as in Lithuanian, and not only Belarusians, but also their neighbors loved to eat potato pancakes and babka.

We have taken traditional dishes that our ancestors cooked and reworked them with a modern approach. While working on them, we were selecting the best options, those that we enjoyed ourselves and with which we are ready to treat our friends and relatives!

Draniki of
your dreams

Draniki should unite rather than divide Belarusians! Draniki (potato pancakes) is a great deal for Belarusians, and finding out the "true" way to cook them is a never-ending argument. That is why we offer that you choose the recipe yourself: with or without flour, with onions, with egg, or just potato and salt, as well as using any grater size you like.

Where would we be without draniki?!

Belarusians are frying draniki even in the fire of revolution!


Traditional drinks

Favorite national drinks not only quench the thirst, but also warm the body and mind. In our karchma you will try a variety of traditional Belarusian drinks: nalewka and liqueurs, sbiten and mead. And, of course, kvass and beer!


Warmth of hearts
of our people

Meetings with Belarusians, master classes, concerts!

How to find us

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